From Ardrana

Gillek is a Dwarven fighter/thief from the Thair Mountains. His original occupation was as an exterminator, charged with clearing the dwarven tunnels of minor nuisances such as giant rats, goblins, and the like. Through this work, he gained an intricate knowledge of the setting and maintenance of many forms of traps. It was this that got him involved in a mission to deal with just such an infestation of kobolds, and began his journeys on the surface world, even to the point of doing some information gathering for Dorin the Axeman himself.

Between adventures, Gillek worked for Sleepsor's mining operation, where he discovered a statue of a Maluur. While he was in Agropthos, it was revealed to him by the seer Fasir that those creatures would soon be seeking to attack the Thair Mountains in order to control the nexus that lies beneath. He brought this information back to Dorin, who told him to find out what he could about the creatures and their plans -- a mission that continues to this day.

More recently, he has worked as a mercenary, including working as a bodyguard for Sarlon, then joining Mace Nighthammer on some of his recent missions. He was left behind in Hanmer when the party would be traveling via Gnomish airship, a method of which he wanted no part. More recently, he was sent to clear vermin from a newly-established mine along the Sandilaht Trail.

Gillek is known for having a dour disposition, even for a Dwarf, as well as having a nearly pathological fear of the sea. His only delight seems to be taken from the success of his traps, especially if they happen to catch Elves. Like many Dwarves, he loathes arcane magic -- sometimes even to the point of denying its effects on his surroundings or even on himself.

Gillek was formerly a PC played by Rusty Larner who became an NPC.