Lawrence Hanaestor

From Ardrana

Lawrence Hanaestor was a human mage from the city of Semmarch. He fought alongside Morley Pallianor during the Wars of Arin, and was one of the members of the first White Council when the White Alliance was formed. Lawrence and his wife, Dralia, had three children, Leadro, Tantala, and Lanthana.

During the Wars of Arin, Lawrence was placed in charge of the defenses of Byngh, and both he and Leadro were granted estates in the area. As the White Alliance was forming, Madricus Pallianor had been granted the title of Duke of Emmerdale, but he died shortly thereafter. After Leadro married Madricus' widow, Nelestra, the lands were combined into the Duchy of Semmarch, and Lawrence was granted the title of Duke of Semmarch -- the first to be given that title officially -- and a seat on the Council. He soon became Morley's closest advisor, and the lives of the Pallianor and Hanaestor families have been intertwined ever since.