From Ardrana

The city of Itaron was established just over a century ago at the confluence of the Tevinnis and Vorilon Rivers, where the regions of Alior, Arin, and Lan-Zarek meet. The most unusual thing about it is that it was founded by Frida, a Dwarf from the Onyl Mountains -- a FEMALE Dwarf. Orak's clan's historians record the founder of the city as Maston, to avoid the chagrin of having one of their women holding an important role in history, but all other records from those days speak of Frida as its founder.

At its height, before the Wars of Arin, the city was populated about equally between Dwarves and Humans. The latter were led to the city by Armadon, a warrior of the nearby lands of southern Tanilon, and his brothers Fredron and Cedron. The city eventually found kindred in the similary-populated city of Braith, in the Thair Mountains, and an alliance was soon struck.

The city was quite prosperous for several decades, and still kept its ties to Orak's clan and its mines, to which Frida and her family would often return to work. Alone among Dwarves, Frida's people were equally accepted by both Thorin Archer and Marten, who was in those days the leader of Orak's clan. It was not always so, as Marten's uncle, Orvil, the previous ruler of Orak's clan, had ordered Frida's name struck from the clan's records, but change did come.

Sadly, the city was destroyed in the latter days of the Wars of Arin, and its remaining population was scattered among the two clans, with some accompanying Ogre into Garnath. Much of the ruins of the place still stands, although neither Dwarven clan will travel there, as they consider the place cursed.