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Frida was a Dwarven warrior of Orak's clan in the Onyl Mountains. She began her career as an adventurer, a rarity among female Dwarves, but she more than held her own among some of the greatest warriors of the age. She was a contemporary of King Thorin Archer, who at the time was just a prince of the Thair Mountains, and occasionally traveled with him, his brothers, the sons of Xorg, and Sir Roderick Harper and Leviticus Pallianor.

While still in her youth, she decided that she needed to make her own way, as she was not looked upon entirely favorably by Orvil, the newly-minted King of Orak's clan. Some say she rejected his romantic advances, but none but they know the truth of the matter. However it came about, Frida, her sister Elawita, the warrior Maston, and a number of others decided to sunder themselves from the clan. They traveled south, to the joining of the Tevinnis and Vorilon Rivers, and founded the city of Itaron. The Dwarves were joined there by men of southern Tanilon led by the warrior Armadon and his brothers Fredron and Cedron, and the city flourished.

As the city grew, Frida was able to establish a close alliance with King Thorin, whose city was also made up of both Dwarves and Humans. Orvil soon died, and his nephew Marten became king, and so Frida's city found itself allied with both during the Wars of Arin. In the later days of the war, the city of Itaron fell, and Frida fell in its defense. Sadly, her legacy has nearly been forgotten, as the city still lies in ruins, its people scattered across the MidLands.

Frida was a PC played by Bill Tsolis.