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Josephine is an Elven Chef -- a priestess of Losyera dedicated to the art of cooking. She was personal chef to Allegra Brownstoke for several years, during which they developed a close friendship. She often tested the skills of those who wished to join Allegra's quests for the key to her book, and in particular took great joy in tormenting Niccolo de'Medici.

Though she was Elven, and sometimes complained about cooking for the less-sensitive palates of Humans, she nonetheless often accompanied Allegra on her journeys. Unfortunately, one of these resulted in her being captured by the githyanki when she became trapped within a holding area connected to the Red Dragon Inn, and it was initially presumed that she was slain by them.

However, it turned out that she had been cast into the Astral Plane. She was rescued by Markin, a staff member of the RDI, and was hired to work in the kitchen of their location in Intrellia. About a year later, she was transferred to Promise Junction, where she serves as assistant to Cellani.

Josephine was a PC played by Wendy Marques, and is now an NPC.