The Brownstoke Book

From Ardrana

Many rumors surround the contents of this book, currently in the possession of Allegra Brownstoke. It is known to be an artifact of the family of her mother, Alleen Brownstoke, and that it contains information of a magical nature, exactly what sort is unknown. It is said that the revelations contained within would forever change the state of magic on world of Ardrana. The book is sealed with a magical lock, said to protect it from the catastrophic effects of its secrets falling into the wrong hands. Allegra is currently on a quest to seek the key to open the lock, which was lost long ago.

Some speak of this book having knowledge of how to bring about the appearance of the Purple Castle while others speculate its content speaks of how to increase the power of magic as a whole. Some even speculate that it contains the magic needed to create and destroy the Maluur.

Its re-appearance has caught the eye of many. It is for this reason that Allegra has set out on her quest to locate the key -- the final words of warning from her now deceased mother, from whom she received the book, ringing in her ears: "Spare no cost or deed to keep this knowledge safe for it could be disastrous were it to fall into dark hands."