From Ardrana

The Karis are considered by some to be an offshoot of the Human race, although they are counted as one of the Races of Antiquity by scholars. They are physically marked mostly by their stocky build and by their total immunity to all types of disease. They are a very hardy people, having little fear of the elements.

Among themselves, the Karis believe that it was they who first came to Lanad i'Sarois after the fall of Pretic and the beginning of the Third Civilization. Like the Lastini, the Karis have always been a seafaring people, but unlike them they do not choose to make allies with others. Rather, they pride themselves on not taking sides, willing to hire themselves out as mercenaries to whomever wishes to employ them.

The Karis also take great joy in telling stories. Though they have a written language that is simpler and more phonetically coherent than any other, their main method of history is the oral tradition, but it is not just history -- most Karis will to tell their entire life story to anyone who is willing to listen, and perhaps even the life stories of several generations of their family as well. However, it might be difficult to keep track of these stories, because the Karis do not use names for places or things. They feel only people are worthy of proper names, and thus any place or thing is given a descriptive identifier, or perhaps a numeric designation. They will use names given by others for the sake of understanding, but usually only if it is required.

In Ardann i'Parastha, Karis mix freely amongst the other races, but in the Lanad they mainly live in the land of Faxanadu, which they call simply "our land in the second place". Karis are nearly unknown in Rannas i'Drasoin.