Lanthana Hanaestor

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Lanthana Hanaestor is a Human politician and former soldier. She currently holds the titles of mayor of the city of Hanmer and Duchess of the region of the same name, and member of the White Council. She is the daughter of Lawrence Hanaestor, the first titled Duke of Semmarch, and his wife Dralia. She has an elder brother, Leadro, and a younger sister, Tantala. She has been a soldier for most of her adult life, but is now retired from active duty.


Lanthana was born some seventy years ago in Semmarch, then little more than a keep and trading post. The Wars of Arin were drawing to a close, but when she was of age Lanthana immediately enlisted in the White Army. Over the years she rose in rank until being promoted to Captain, commanding the Hanmer garrison. She served in that position for nearly twenty years under Duke Tesan Milsley. When Duke Tesan relinquished his title several years ago due to political differences with the Council, the title was bestowed upon Lanthana by Lukus the Blue in recognition of her lengthy service.

Current status

Lanthana has stated many times that she has no intention of fully retiring anytime soon. Still, her advanced age has attracted speculation over who her eventual successor might be. She has never married, nor has she ever designated an heir, so discussion has sometimes revolved around Dorstaff, the man who was promoted to command the garrison after her, and other members of her extended family.