Lukus the Blue

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Lukus the Blue, also known as Baron Lukus II of Alvinia, is the current president of the White Council, and is thus the titular leader of the White Alliance. He is only the third man to hold that title after Lord Morley Pallianor and his son Milvey. Upon Milvey's retirement some twenty years ago, Lukus -- who had previously served as the representative from the duchy of Gascar, was named president.

Early life

Lukus is the eldest of the six children of Eustace, the high priest of the temple of Morelen in Gascar, and his wife, Cinnaline. The family had moved to that city when Eustace was transferred from the much smaller temple in Alvinia, Lukus, as well as his brother Anthony, would follow their father's path at first, but while Anthony exceeded even his father's accomplishments in the service of the Leader of Leaders in becoming the High Priest of Morelen at Inspiration's Height, the great temple in Morelenas itself, Lukus was instead drawn into politics.

In his youth, Lukus was drawn into adventuring, and during that time traveled together with many of those who would become leaders of their own people, including Zorg, Borg, Thorin Archer, Sir Roderick Harper, Frida, and others. He was a lieutenant in the White Army during the Wars of Arin, where he gained further experience in worldly matters. Throughout this time, he learned a great deal about other cultures, and the idea of interacting with them in a more peaceful setting.

Ascendance to the Presidency

After the wars, Lukus transferred to the temple at Morelenas, and several years later was named Chief Cleric of the White Army. Soon, it became apparent that Lukus had become Lord Milvey's closest confidante, closer even than the other members of the White Council, and the Duke of Gascar moved to take advantage of this situation by appointing Lukus himself to the Council. To do so, he reinstated the Barony of Alvinia, last ruled by Eustace's great-uncle, after whom Lukus had been named. Upon Lukus' election as President, he passed the title to his son, Baron Lukus III. He came to be known as "Lukus the Blue" because he has eschewed the traditional white raiment that accompanies the position in favor of accenting the blue portion of the Alliance's heraldic colors.

Lukus' rule has mostly been a peaceful one. With the Wars of Arin fading into memory, Lukus has focused on increasing the prosperity of the duchies, and occasionally with putting out -- or attempting to put out -- various fires. His invitations to the largest thorn in the side of the Alliance, Duke Mirdael Hanaestor, have gone unanswered. The Hanaellan secession, together with the rumblings in Vesqui, have lead to rumors that Lukus may be losing his diplomatic touch, and that it might be time for a replacement, but for now he still seems to have the confidence of the rest of the White Council.


Lukus is married to Franciaura, a minor noble from the South Coast. Besides Lukus III, they have five children: Temi, Lorenzo, Resli, Anderia and Lenia.

Lukus was a PC played by John Proulx, now "retired" to become an NPC.