Larsus Pallianor

From Ardrana

Larsus Pallianor was the eldest son of Lord Morley Pallianor, Duke of Morelenas, and his wife Tasha. Born in Tindon, Larsus was raised mostly in the city of Morelenas, where his father was first advisor to King Tristan I, then Duke and elected leader of the White Council.

Of the four sons of Morley, Larsus was the only one to take up the soldier's banner. While he inherited the title of Duke from his father, Larsus also followed his father onto the battlefields of the Wars of Arin, where he died not long after his father's death. Larsus' brother Milvey was named caretaker of the duchy until Larsus' children came of age.

Larsus and his wife, Almida, had three children. The eldest was named for his father, while the others are named Marcus and Mariam. Larsus died before his eldest son was five years old. Marcus is the current Duke of Morelenas, though he has no more taste for politics than his father.

Larsus Pallianor was a PC played by John Proulx.