Tristan I

From Ardrana

Tristan I was the last of the monarchs of the House of Wesber, the rulers of Kellan for most of recorded history. Tristan was the nephew of Reillan II, the previous king, and son of his brother, who was also named Tristan. Since Reillan died without an heir, and the elder Tristan had been slain by a devil named Asmorgal while on an adventure, the younger Tristan was next in line for the throne. His uncle, Donelan, who was younger brother to both Reillan and the elder Tristan, briefly served as regent until Tristan came of age.

Tristan I ruled from 747 until 774 LC. It was he who oversaw the formation of the White Council, which solidified the connection among the various dukes of the region, and for that he granted the title of Duke of Morelenas to the plan's architect, Morley Pallianor.

Tristan was also skilled in military strategy, and was instrumental in drawing up the plans that stopped Keraptis' army at the Battle of Hanmer. After that, Keraptis sought ways to kill him, once putting a curse on him that was only reversed after a party led by Whozewatze found the herbs that would cure him.

Upon Tristan's passing, his son and only child, the putative Tristan II, chose to renounce the throne, turning over the rulership of the land to Lord Morley.