Mariam Pallianor

From Ardrana

Mariam Pallianor is a noblewoman of Kellan, currently serving as proxy for her brother Marcus on the White Council, as well as performing his duties as ruler of their hometown of Tindon. She is the youngest child and only daughter of Larsus Pallianor and his wife, Almida, and the only one to show any interest in the politics of the White Alliance. As such, she is considered more of a successor to her uncle Milvey, who also served on the Council in place of Larsus, his brother, who died before ascending to his rightful position as Duke of Morelenas.

Mariam was born in Tindon, the younger sister of Larsus Pallianor II and Marcus. She herself married young, taking as her husband Neverk Rossidine, a friend of her brother's whom she had met at court. Like her brothers and most of the Pallianor family, Neverk preferred the adventuring life, and perished shortly after the marriage. Mariam has yet to remarry, and has reverted to her family name. Although she still tries to talk her brothers and cousins out of the occupation of adventuring, she has come to accept that as their calling.