Nelestra Hanaestor

From Ardrana

Nelestra Hanaestor, née Nelestra Arbat, is the daughter of the great general of the Wars of Arin Nielsen Arbat. When she was very young, she married Madricus Pallianor, who was the son of Morley Pallianor, the founder of the White Alliance. She bore Madricus three children, Mirdael, Malzin, and Mortimer. It was while she was still pregnant with Mortimer that Madricus was killed on an excursion into Arin. Shortly after Mortimer's birth, Nielsen Arbat also perished, and Nelestra came to resent the wars.

A few years later, Nelestra finally remarried, choosing the then-Duke of Semmarch Leadro Hanaestor as her husband. Leadro had never gone off to fight in the war like his own father Lawrence had, a trait Nelestra found admirable. She took his name, and gave it to her three sons as well.

Nelestra, now old and frail, lives in the city of Byngh. She has her own chambers at her son's palace in the center of the city, and Mirdael dotes upon his mother. Still, most think that she is not now, nor has she ever been, particularly happy.