Most Sacred Crock of Cheese

From Ardrana

The Most Sacred Crock of Cheese is the most holy artifact of the barbarians of Odiferous. It is said that they can smell it from miles away. The Odiferans revere the Crock to the point of nearly worshipping it, invoking the following refrain when discussing it:

Oh, Most Sacred Crock of Cheese, wherever you may be,
In our heart muscles, we still smell thee.

Its primary power is to focus the Odiferans' minds on coming together and attacking enemies instead of fighting amongst themselves. It has been stolen at least twice, once by the imp Nefir Hasenuf in order to start a war between Odiferous and Agrabah, and once by the Maluur in order to disrupt Odiferan society. On both occasions it was recovered, the first time by Prince Uncouthma with assistance from Aladdin, the second by Molbo and his companions.

Note: The Most Sacred Crock of Cheese originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.