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Qi'ante, or more often simply "Qi", is a garath dedicated to the service of Laurent. He is an aasimar, with the blood of an eladrin flowing through his veins. As his father was a ghaele, he has a great desire to bring his sword into the service of the greater good.

Originally from the city of Napoli, his calling led him across the Golden Ocean to Mentoncha, where there was piracy afoot. He was able to recruit another warrior on the same ship, Gaius Lentulus, to accompany him. However, they had little success, and soon parted ways.

From there, Qi came to Nazivonema in the company of several others, where he learned of another garath named Rhone who was in danger of losing his powers. He was advised by the temple of Laurent that he should take him under his wing in an attempt to help him toward atonement, and they were joined on a mission by those who had been affected by his behavior.

Qi'ante was designed as a PC to be played by Wendy Marques, but never appeared in a game as such. He was converted into an NPC shortly thereafter.