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Rhone is a Human garath of Shoto from the town of Hebridon. His father, Tricastin, is the chief armorer and brewer for Cesteril, the town's lord. Rhone is the best friend and traveling companion of Cesteril's son, a mage named Calirain.


Rhone was born in Hebridon shortly after his father's arrival in the town. His father had once been a nobleman in service to the lords of Tommard, and had been an adventuring partner of Cesteril. Rhone was raised on the stories told by the two about their adventures before they became too old to adventure. His father has instilled a strong faith in his son to help the more unfortunate and to never become too cocky because someone will always come along and knock the chip off your shoulder.

Rhone was raised alongside the noble's children in the keep just like one of his own, and had the opportunity to watch and learn from the squires. One of these was Calirain, who was closest in age to Rhone, and became like unto his brother despite their differing personalities. To this day, the two are often mistaken for brothers at first meeting.

When Calirain went off to study magic in Nazivonema, Rhone accompanied him, becoming apprentice to a local brewer named Fergous. He worked there for some time, but he knew his path lay elsewhere. He felt the pull of the stories that he has been listening to calling him to the adventuring lifestyle. As such, he found himself drawn to the shrine of Shoto, patron of adventurers, and became a garath.


After returning to Hebridon for a few months to settle his affairs, Rhone returned to Nazivonema. Although he returned to work for Fergous temporarily, he placed posters around town in an attempt to start an adventuring group. However, following events that led to Rhone nearly losing his status as a garath, he was given a vision that he needed to learn from a more experienced holy warrior. To that end, he and Calirain joined Qi'ante and several others on a mission that would, if successful, lead to atonement.

Rhone is a PC played by Scott Ford.