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Rin is a Wood Elven Painter -- a priestess of Losyera dedicated to creating art by painting and drawing. Originally from the Filitir Forest, as a child she was found wandering in the northwestern part of the forest by a half-Elven Painter named Rinbau. After failing to find anyone to take her in, he brought her to his shrine located in a small wood in eastern Hanaellan, where she learned her craft. About three years ago, she made her way to the town of Semmarch, where she currently makes her home, sharing a room with her friend Emi in a boardinghouse owned by Tavin.

Rin was recruited for the Thieves' Guild of Semmarch by Emi after the latter saw her skill at copying paintings. However, recent developments convinced both of them to try their hand elsewhere, and they moved on. She was hired by the organization planning the Carrolwood Entertainment District in Gascar, both to aid the process of clearing the area and to provide her expertise in designing the various buildings and attractions.

Rin is a PC played by John Proulx.