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SkyLyte is a female half-Elven ranger. Originally from the Filitir Forest, she currently makes her home in Shaiyo, but more often than not she will be found traveling around the Lanad.


SkyLyte is propelled by a tragedy in her past. When she was nine, her Elven family's whole caravan was traveling east through the Filitir Forest, the ancestral home of her mother, ShadowWind Greenbriar, when it was attacked in a midnight raid by goblins, killing everyone.

Summoned to her dying mother's bedside, SkyLyte learned the truth about her father: that he was a dashingly handsome Human Ranger from the Seldann Wood, with whom ShadowWind had a brief romantic relationship, which resulted in SkyLyte's birth, but also ShadowWind's banishment from her Elven village because of their pervasive racism. ShadowWind gave her daughter a feather from one of her father's arrows. With her last breath, she begged SkyLyte to avenge her death. SkyLyte's mother then gave her the one thing that allowed her to escape, the ability to transform into a giant eagle, and she flew out of the clutches of the goblins.

This loss was hard on SkyLyte, but she recovered, thanks in part to her being adopted by a human family. She grew up learning their Kellanic tongue. When she came of age to choose the direction of her life, she recalled that her mother had wished that she would become a ranger like her father. She sought out and became apprentice to an Elven ranger, who accepted her, having compassion for her orphan status, and the injustice of her mother's death. From her she gained her cartography, tracking, archery and hunting skills.


SkyLyte's small stature, just five foot one and a little over one hundred pounds, makes her an unlikely Ranger. However, through constant training and a deep knowledge of the ways of fighting, she has honed her skills of quickness and accuracy to compensate for her size.

She is a pale, thin young woman who has a pierced nose and eyebrows. She has an eagle tattoo about an inch long on her neck, a tattooed loop around the biceps of her left arm and another around her left ankle. On those occasions when she wears a short sleeved tunic, a tattoo depicting a goblin that was pierced in its heart by an arrow can be seen on her left shoulder blade. SkyLyte has long black hair that she normally keeps in a tight bun to prevent its snagging on underbrush.


She associates more often with the animals of the forest than with any other beings and she values her solitude above all else. She is highly introverted, anti-social, and has some difficulty connecting to people and making friends.

During her adventuring career, she has frequently accepted contracts to find and wipe out goblin lairs as she feels compelled to avenge her loved ones' deaths. Her preference when joining a party is to be the scout, flying above and reporting back on what is ahead.

Current status

Now twenty three, SkyLyte was living in Shaiyo, on the shore of Lake Colaud, ruled by Lukeon, also a Half-Elf. She flew to Gascar as she heard a rumor that her father was living near the town, but was unable to immediately locate him. She joined an adventuring party led by Tycho Chervil in hopes of discovering her father's whereabouts and fate.

SkyLyte is a PC played by Phil Vlasak.