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Stom is a half-orc fighter from the town of Qilit in western Arin. He spent some time as a member of the Fhqwhgads Wrestling Federation, a local wrestling establishment, where he became a worshiper of the demigod of wrestling. Unfortunately, that steady source of income fell through when the organization's promoter was killed during a raid by a rival organization.

He seized the opportunity to strike out from home shortly thereafter, signing on as a guard for a caravan headed to Nazivonema. He got to know one of his employer's family members, a bard by the name of Simry. They worked together for a time, but parted ways after a disastrous mission to find the lost city of Dekh.

After that, Stom took a job as a sparring partner at the temple of Perasin in Nazivonema, where he became frenemies with another half-orc named Pete. He was recently sent by the temple's Great Priest Molbo to help Taguchi Sato restore a ruined temple to their god in Promise Junction.

Stom is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.