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Sygrin is a Gnomish mage from the village of Sjolstad. As a youth, he worked on a farm owned by a retired priest of Athena, and he soon found himself fascinated by stories of the gods and heroes of western Ardann i'Parastha. Seeking knowledge, he traveled around Lydnorige, eventually encountering an old hermit named Syrmad who taught him both the ways of magecraft and the story of Prometheus, which have guided his actions ever since.

A year or so after their meeting, Syrmad passed away, and Sygrin went back to his traveling ways. Still thirsting for knowledge about the gods, he journeyed to Corinth, where he continued his studying. However, he eventually grew short on funds, and hired himself out as a ship's mage on a boat bound across the sea for the city of Agropthos. As the ship sailed into Shark's Fin Bay, it was attacked and sunk by pirates under the command of Redbeard. Sygrin survived by chance, and he was picked up by a local trade ship which took him to Mariscora. There, luck smiled upon him again, and he was recruited by Don Rajardo, husband of Duquesa Delfina to run the newly-created Gnome Shop in that city's Foreign Market. Since the job paid well, Sygrin accepted, and he hopes to make enough money within a few months to return to his travels.