The BountyPlace

From Ardrana

The area of Imor in which merchants both great and small gather to sell their wares is known as The BountyPlace. This thriving center of commerce dates back to the aftermath of The Great Magic War. It was here that people came together to gather what they had to survive the coming days. The area around them may have been laid waste, but the spirit of those who gathered there fostered bounties greater than any magics could produce – hence the name.

In keeping with the gathering place theme, Imor’s marketplace is open to all-comers. Each merchant who wishes to ply his or her trade therein must seek out a permit from the Imorian Business Center and any who breech said permits are met with decisive action by the I.B.C.

The BountyPlace begins business each day at 8 in the morning and closes at sunset. About a half hour prior to closing each day, a herald makes the round alerting shopper and merchant alike of the time and those in the Imorian Army aid in the closing efforts.

The area is divided into four primary sections – North, South, East and West Markets. Those merchants who have more permanent shops ply their trade around the outermost area while carts, booths and stands fill the inner rings. Red brick-like paths run throughout the marketplace for those who wish to walk and each has evenly-spaced Tenser Transit System stops to pick up a ride to give the feet a rest.

If a longer rest is required, two inns – the Red Dragon Inn and the high-end Briaridge Repose - reside at the Northwest and Southwest corners of the marketplace respectively.

North Market includes merchants that devote their skills to armor, weapons, and blacksmithing crafts. The carpentry, woodworking and stoneworking trades are also represented here.

South Market merchants include those dealing with Soft Goods including scribes, glassblowing, basket weaving, musical and theatrical supplies, artwork, leatherworking and cobbling.

East Market is home to agricultural and animal vendors. Those dealing in potions, powders and the like also frequent this side of the BountyPlace.

West Market is the one-stop area for daily living and adventuring supplies running the gamut from aprons to zithers.

A large storehouse stands at the southern end of the BountyPlace for those venders who plan an extended stay in Imor.

The centermost part of the marketplace is dominated by the Imorian Commerce Center and many visitors take in this tourist site as well as Hermes Fountain on its southern side. A large posting board is located to the north of the I.C.C. and anyone can put an ad or announcement on it at no charge. An area to the west of the I.C.C. is always open for people-watching and is also a great diversion for children.