The Traveler's Path

From Ardrana

The Traveler's Path is the unofficial name for the road that runs along the northern edge of the Marketplace at Hanmer. This thoroughfare is lined with shops on both sides, the only such road that is considered part of the market. The shops on the south side are built with enough space between them to make passage between and around them into the market easier.

The King's Road runs from Hanmer's North Gate into the center of the market, and where it crosses this road are several inns and taverns. The Wilshere Arms sits on the northeast corner, The Dragon Rider on the northwest corner, and The Hungry Traveler on the southeast corner. On the southwest corner sits Nycott's, a small shop that sells jewelry and performs currency exchange for a small fee.

To either side along the road are various other shops and services that cater to travelers. There are blacksmiths, tanners, clothiers, wagon repair shops, and the like. On the east side, about half the length of the road toward the docks, is Hanmer's Red Dragon Inn, perennial favorite of adventurers.