Marketplace at Hanmer

From Ardrana

The city of Hanmer is home to the largest outdoor marketplace in the Lanad, the Marketplace at Hanmer. Unlike any other such market on Ardrana, is open at all hours of the day or night due to the presence of magical light globes along the streets around its edges and the winding paths that lead through its center. It is said that, if it exists on Ardrana, it can be found here, or someone will find it for you. This is especially true of trade in magical devices and spells, although this is regulated to some degree by the Mages' Guild of Hanmer.

Like the rest of the city, the marketplace is open to all. This applies to both customers and merchants, so the nighttime marketplace is often populated by those of a nocturnal bent, like Dark Elves and Deep Gnomes. Also, very little is illegal for trade, so those items that might be considered contraband in other cities is often found readily at one stall or another. One thing that is not tolerated, however, is the slave trade, which one occasionally finds in other cities.

The Marketplace proper

At the northern end of the marketplace is a row of establishments catering to travelers coming through via the King's Road, including the Red Dragon Inn as well as stables, blacksmiths, wagon repair shops, and the like. This section is generally known as The Traveler's Path.

Along the southern end of the market is Temple Row, with temples to most of the prominent Ardic deities. The largest of these is, of course, dedicated to Lathoris, god of merchants and trade, but the temples of Morelen, the patron of the White Alliance, and Sedric, patron of travelers, are also prominent.

The eastern side of the market is somewhat intermingled with the fishing piers and docks for merchant vessels along the western banks of the Hanaelon River. There, you will find many merchants who have set up temporary stalls to sell goods as they pass through, as well as local fisherman selling their daily catch. The bridge on Harper's Trail that crosses the river leads into this area as well.

The western side is dedicated to services, including the administrative offices of the market itself as well as financial institutions. Harper's Trail continues through this area and on into the military garrison located farther along. The marketplace has what amounts to its own police force as well, as an entire division of the White Army garrison, commanded by Lieutenant Zuhenia, is charged with keeping the peace here. Their office is also located in this area.

The centerpiece of the marketplace, though, is a large amphitheatre, where plays are presented nightly (weather permitting), around which are announcement boards at which anything may be posted free of charge. Around the amphitheatre are a large number of booths selling fresh food of various kinds, and a number of tables and chairs are set up in areas cordoned off by ropes.

Surrounding area

In a large ring around this section is the marketplace proper. Here you will find tents, carts, booths, and other temporary or even semi-permanent structures selling goods of all sorts. There is some attempt to keep items within the same broad category, such as clothing or metal goods, in certain areas, but due to the temporary nature of things there is some ebb and flow. Each cart that is licensed is assigned a particular spot, but there are always unlicensed dealers that show up. While this practice is frowned upon, little effort is made to run them off unless someone raises a stink about it. Generally, this won't be the merchants, most of whom understand that the real value of their license is in securing a prime location, but customers who have been cheated, or at least claim to have been.