Bedou dan Yuwar

From Ardrana

Bedou dan Yuwar is the Sultan of Agropthos, the forty-seventh Caliph of Cardyl, and the Sheikh of the Oasis of Gold. He is not only the ruler of the city of Agropthos, he is also undoubtedly its richest and most visible public figure. It is said that he even rivals the Sultan of Agrabah for the size of his treasury.

Although Sultan Bedou has always been wealthy, he has increased it substantially through his control of the spice trade throughout the northern half of the Seven Deserts. Still, it often seems that he spends his money as quickly as he makes it, enlarging his palace on the shore of Shark's Fin Bay and filling it with baubles, trinkets, and objects d'art. Thus, he has looked southward to Cardimer, hoping to add their wealth to his. He has cultivated a close relationship with Rocan dahar Plaez, the Emir of the city, although this has set him up in something of a rivalry with Caliph Kapoc of Upanistan to the south, who also seeks such a relationship with the Emir.

The Sultan has two children, both daughters: Pritiya and Samata. Neither of them has yet married, which has made the Sultan quite anxious about the continuation of the city's royal lineage.