From Ardrana

Airlia is an archer whose origins are somewhat mysterious -- she appears human, but with some quirks. Percy claimed not to know of her origins, saying that one day she just showed up at the Red Dragon Inn in Semmarch and asked for a room, then just never left. Her hair is a very light shade of blonde, her eyes are brownish-yellow, and her voice has a somewhat other-worldly quality. She is quite skilled at fletching, and occasionally makes a living selling arrows, either normal or made to specifications, when not adventuring.

Airlia spent several years living at the RDI in Semmarch, where she was a member of a number of adventuring parties. For a time, she traveled with Alysten and her party, forming some romantic feelings for Alton Coboral. However, the group made some questionable decisions, and she left.

Some time after that, the Semmarch RDI was ordered closed by Duke Mirdael. At that time, she joined the Semmarch Resistance, and now lives at their camp south of the city. She continues to adventure on occasion, but most of her energies are now devoted to freeing Semmarch. To that end, she occasionally visits cities and towns in the area attempting to gather support for the Resistance, including a recent visit to Nazivonema.