From Ardrana

Labeese is a half-Drow landowner and the current mayor of the village of Promise Junction. His mother was a Dark Elven wizard, and his father a Human slave in western Eliendis. When he was born, he was banished from the UnderWorld and his father put to death upon learning he was male. He was taken by a drider who lived near the wizard's dwelling and brought to the surface, where he was adopted by a Human family from the town of Longwa.

When Labeese was about fifty years old, his home and family were destroyed during the reign of Camlek, and Longwa itself ceased to be. Labeese survived, wandering lost for some years before finding his way into Arin, which was still suffering in the aftermath of the wars. He was able to eke out a living for himself, cultivating a plot of land as best he could among the hordes of Grazhnakh and other orcs still marauding across the land.

After many years, a village was rebuilt near his land, which lay a few miles north of a disused road. This village originally had no name, but Labeese was well-known in the area and began to assert some small amount of authority over the outcasts who began to gather there. Eventually, he was granted the honorary title of mayor, and the village was christened Promise Junction.

Today, Labeese leads the effort to turn this village into a place where those who have been cast out of the various surrounding lands can build their lives anew. He has been aided in this by Shirella, a Human witch who was ejected from her coven in Tanilon; Oashute, a Gnome who sees the village as an opportunity; Quaithan, an aasimar who hopes to convert the area strongly to the forces of Good; and his trusty bugbear bodyguard Skwatch. Their effort has been greatly aided by the recent opening of a Red Dragon Inn along the now-rebuilt main road.