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Bodon is a Dwarven fighter and soldier originally from the Thair Mountains. He joined the White Army in his youth, and was assigned to the garrison in Vesqui. Both his race and his allegiance made him a quite unpopular figure in the city, and he was relieved to be chosen to serve under Duncan Scorpio and assigned to guard Allegra Brownstoke on her first adventure.

More recently, Bodon achieved the rank of sergeant, and was appointed the head of the ten-person White Army garrison in Sylennore. Although he has been recruited actively by General Hedgewick to join the city's own defenses, he remains loyal to the White Army. He and the general often find themselves at loggerheads, which especially frustrates the Dwarf as Lord Kendar Brownstoke is more inclined to listen to Hedgewick than to him.

Bodon is a PC played by John Proulx.