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The town of Sylennore sits along the East-West Road, approximately midway between Vesqui to the west and Nazivonema to the east, in the region of Idrellan. It is nominally part of the Duchy of Vesqui, although the ruling Brownstoke family considers itself independent of Duchess Jensia. The town is also part of the Barony of Pallinnore.

The current lord of Sylennore is Kendar Brownstoke, who is vassal to his niece, Lady Allegra Brownstoke, who inherited the title of Baroness when her parents were killed in the sack of Pallinnore. However, she has been away for some time, leaving Kendar to serve as her steward.

In her absence, Kendar has taken to formalizing the town guard as a military force separate from the White Army that has a minimal presence. This force is led by Carden Hedgewick, a former soldier of Braith, who has been working on preparing the city should there be another invasion of orcs in the area.