Chatha os'Sarani

From Ardrana

Chatha os'Sarani is the current head of the House os'Sarani and ruler of Mentoncha, home of the Lastini people. She is the only daughter of the previous queen, Yadosi Kintana, and her husband Abrilon. She has two daughters, Conchita and Kisha. Her husband, Kanthos, passed on shortly after her younger daughter, Kisha, turned one year old, carrying on the family curse. She also has two brothers, Commaranto and Carther.

Chatha is a strong leader of her people, but recent events have tested even her resolve. A challenge to her position as queen has arisen from an as yet unknown quarter, and several attempts on the lives of those loyal to the os'Sarani house have occurred over the past two years, including an attack against the party on Conchita's Journey of Enlightenment. Thus far, there is only speculation as to the source of these attacks.