Conchita's Journey of Enlightenment

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As is her people's tradition, Conchita os'Sarani, princess of Mentoncha, went on a Journey of Enlightenment, accompanied by her advisers Phichta and Lindreth Andárica. It began on her 25th birthday, with a parade in honor of the journey seeing the chosen ones out of the capital. The party stayed their first night at Pirena's Inn, where religious tensions arose between Phichta and Vashien, a Dwarven follower of Severn. The party then made their way into the Filitir Forest, where they were ambushed by a group of Lastini -- an attack that was later tied to an unknown group that has challenged the claim of House os'Sarani to Mentoncha's throne.

The road to Hanmer

After being met by scouts of the Wood Elves of the Filitir, they spent the night in the City of the Trees as guests of King Rondor. The next day, they were escorted through the forest by one of the scouts, Silver, before setting out westward along Harper's Trail to Hanmer.

In the city

The party obtained rooms at the Riverside Rest, and the princes sent word that she wished an audience with Lanthana Hanaestor, the city's mayor. A few days after their arrival, they were invited to a state dinner by Lanthana, and she also sent word to Jinsear, a high-ranking military officer, that the princess would need some personnel to attend to her needs. She was assigned a soldier named Elvert as liaison to the city officials, and two others named Porrell and Azi'il as additional guards during her stay.

Helping the Dwarves

At the dinner, Conchita met with several ambassadors from various races and peoples, including Abral, the Lastini ambassador. After the meal, a speech was given by Anstuf, the Dwarven ambassador, who told the assembled worthies of a problem in the Thair Mountains. Conchita volunteered the aid of her party, and they, along with a division of White Army soldiers led by Kent Mydland, journeyed to Braith. Conchita's party was guarded by a company led by Mikel, with whom the princess became slightly infatuated.

The attack in Porfiri

One night, while the army camped in the town of Porfiri, the town was attacked by a small army of goblins, a very unusual occurrence within the SouthLands. Pedemon, who was in charge of guarding Porfiri, welcomed the help of Conchita and her group, and with their aid the goblins were driven off.

In the mountains

Once the party reached the Thair Mountains, they met with King Thorin and his advisors. It was decided that the party would be stationed in the tunnels with a group commanded by a veteran warrior named Frodin. During this period, the patrol was attacked by orcs, and Elvert was slain. His body was brought back to Braith, and a Stone of Ormas was discovered among his belongings, which may have attracted both the orcs and the earlier goblin attack. Immediately, the rival Lastini faction was suspected, but it was never proven.

Journey's end

After that, her journey led her all over the SouthLands before returning to the city of Mentoncha. Her goal was to help cement diplomatic relations with other races of the region, and the journey was deemed a successful one.

Cast of characters

The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another: