Kisha os'Sarani

From Ardrana

Kisha os'Sarani (born 7 Daat, 816 L.C.) is the younger princess of the Lastini country of Mentoncha. She is, for the most part, less mature than her elder sister and this is a constant source of angst for Conchita and their mother Queen Chatha. This immaturity is apparent in her choice of companion, an obnoxious parrot named Mosha, as well as her habit of flirting with nearly any attractive male she sees.

As she matured, it became apparent that Kisha had more advanced psionic abilities than others of her race, and thus was recognized as a sensoria, as her people call psionicists. It was this development that prompted her own trip to Morelenas, where she studied with Valce, who helped her to harness these abilities and even fostered her growth in other areas. She was the first Lastini to attend the Psionic Institute, as most sensorias from Mentoncha tend to be trained by their own people. Unfortunately, her training did not progress beyond the most rudimentary skill level, so she returned home where she remains as defiant as she ever was. The one change is that she is continuing her psionic training under the private tutelage of Surimel.