Conchita os'Sarani

From Ardrana

Princess Conchita os'Sarani (born 16 Pestrielo, 809 L.C.) is a Lastini wizard and noblewoman of the House os'Sarani, and the presumptive heir to the throne of the country of Mentoncha. She resides in the coastal capital of her homeland with her mother, Queen Chatha os'Sarani, her younger sister, Kisha and her faithful feline companion, Solia. Her father, Kanthos, died when she was ten years of age.

Conchita has been back from her Journey of Enlightenment for over a year now. During her trip, which crisscrossed much of the land of Kellan, she earned the respect of the Dwarves of Thorin's clan with her bravery in battle. Her two closest friends and royal advisers are Phichta and Lindreth Andárica, both of whom accompanied her on her Journey. The trio has been working hard since their return to solidify her family's leadership amidst the growing tensions in the region. Conchita is also continuing her magely studies at La Hechicidad.

Conchita is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.