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Leviticus Pallianor is a Human wizard, born in the town of Tindon. He is the youngest, and only survivor, of the four children of Morley Pallianor, the chief architect of the White Alliance and first president of the White Council, and his wife Tasha. He currently serves as Dean of Invocation at Jar-Kahn. Levi's wife, Tantala, was the sister of Lanthana Hanaestor, the current mayor of Hanmer, and he is thus uncle to Mirdael Hanaestor, current Duke of Hanaellan -- in fact, he is uncle to him twice, as the Duke's birth father was also Levi's elder brother (not that Mirdael acknowledges this).

Early life

Leviticus was born in the middle years of the Wars of Arin. He and his three brothers -- Larsus, Milvey and Madricus -- were raised at court in Morelenas, mostly by their mother. Levi, as he was often called, formed a special attachment to Madricus, who was only a year older, and the two spent a great deal of time in Tasha's library studying rare tomes. It came as a surprise to few that both developed an interest in magecraft.

While Larsus went off to war, the two began to study under the court mage, Slick, and were eventually sent to Jar-Kahn to complete their training. When the wars finally began to abate, Levi and Madricus took up the adventuring life, traveling together in what were then the wild lands in northern Kellan. It was during this time that Levi met Tantala Hanaestor, whom he would soon marry.


As the Wars of Arin wound down, Lord Morley became ill, and both brothers returned to Morelenas. Following Morley's death along with the news shortly thereafter that Larsus had died in the war, Madricus settled down into his new position as Duke of Emmerdale, while Levi made his home in Semmarch, where Tantala gave birth to their three children. Unlike his brother, Levi continued to adventure, and served as mentor to young adventurers, even joining Mello Yellow on occasion during his time in Semmarch. It was also here that he met Annandale, who was both wizard and Druid of the Plains of Arin, who became his closest friend.

Tragedies upon tragedies

A few years after Larsus' death, news reached Leviticus that Madricus had himself died. Leviticus was devastated upon the news that it had come upon his return to adventuring, as he had chided his brother for abandoning magecraft upon the death of their father and Larsus. His two eldest children, Lithius and Lutetius, had recently come of age themselves, and he tried this time to dissuade them from the adventuring life. Neither listened, as they both took up the warrior arts, learning from the soldiers at the White Army's keep in Semmarch. Much to their father's dismay, both were killed in a disastrous encounter in the UnderWorld on their very first venture.

This series of tragedies prompted Levi to withdraw from the dealings of the Pallianor family. He ceded any claim to the title of Duke of Morelenas to his nephew Marcus, returning to Jar-Kahn to accept a teaching position in the school of Invocation. He was joined there by his youngest child and only daughter, Season, who had taken up magecraft, but mostly from a scholarly perspective rather than more active pursuits.

Shortly after retiring to Jar-Kahn, Tantala died unexpectedly. Levi seemed ready to withdraw into himself altogether, and he turned over his teaching duties to some of his more senior students. His brother Milvey visited him often over the next few months, and along with Season was able to eventually help him make at least something resembling a recovery. However, Levi soon found himself growing restless, and over the succeeding years can often be found at various Red Dragon Inns around Ardrana, sitting by the fireplace and drinking his beloved grapefruit juice.

Current status

Leviticus' flair for teaching allowed him to move up the ranks relatively quickly, until two years ago he was appointed the Dean of the School of Invocation after Zwann was removed as part of a reorganization of the school by the new President, Jhessail. However, his new responsibilities have not quelled his restlessness, and he often roams the land seeking new and promising students -- most recently Fiona Barthos -- while leaving his administrative duties to his assistant Castor or to Season.

Other information

Leviticus was a PC played by John Proulx, and is now an NPC.