From Ardrana

Xorg was a Human paladin from the city of Rinogor. About ninety years ago, he was a young knight in the service of the city's ruler. He had already been noticed for his bravery in facing down and defeating a devil that had been summoned by an evil priest who had wished to wreak havoc on the city, and was selected to lead the city guard. As such, the protection of the people of the city was his responsibility. Thus, when the armies of the Onyx Empire threatened the city, he was commanded to lead the people to safety. This did not sit well with him, but he did as he was asked, and the city was laid waste in his absence.

Xorg and the Rinogorans wandered for several years until eventually they founded the city of Arain in the eastern part of Lan-Zarek. It was during the building of that city that Xorg met Thorin Orchammer, who would be his greatest friend and ally. Xorg married, and his wife bore him seven sons: Borg, Zorg, Torg, the twins Lorg and Norg, Yorg, and Morg. Still, his flight from the wars troubled him, and in the end he again strapped on his armor and followed his friend Thorin into one last battle, where, fittingly, he died on the field.