Goalec 7

From Ardrana

Goalec 7 is a Human fighter, originally from the town of Gheldren in western Tanilon. His family are rulers of the city, and all were named Goalec, followed by a number, as was the custom. Goalec 7, being the sixth son of Goalec 1, was little more than a minor noble, and decided to leave home at an early age to become an adventurer.

Goalec had a long career as an adventurer, mostly in the days immediately after the Wars of Arin. Following his heroic stand against Inzilagor during the recovery of Black Razor, he decided to retire to the South Coast. Settling in the town of Peradon, he founded the Academy of the Goalec, a training school for warriors. New recruits into the White Army garrison are often sent here for specialized training. Goalec is assisted by his friend Priggs and his younger son Sevinson.

Goalec 7 was a PC played by Joe Burness, and is now an NPC.