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Inzilagor was a Dark Elven holy warrior, a follower of Lathoris who sought to serve Morjec. Banished from Zarach-Oras, he joined a band of adventurers led by Speedwell to infiltrate the city. However, he grew tired of Speedwell's reluctance to attack his fellow drow and abandoned him to his fate. While making his way out, he stumbled across a ruined outpost, where he found a magic sword which turned out to be none other than Black Razor itself.

Inzilagor soon became a hunted man. Not knowing how to control the artifact, he was still able to resist its influence enough to go into hiding. He took refuge with a coven of witches led by Qualey, who were sheltering others that had also escaped the Wars of Arin following the defeat of Keraptis. Their stronghold in southern Tanilon was attacked by a group led by Lorg, who convinced Qualey that the Dark Elf was carrying Black Razor. The witches, wanting no part of the artifact, betrayed their comrade, and he (along with others among the refugees) fought the adventurers on the open field. After slaying the warrior Armadon and the wizard Webster, Inzilagor eventually fell at the hands of Goalec 7.

Inzilagor was originally a PC played by Paul Kimball, who became an NPC.