Inzilagor and the Witches

From Ardrana

This adventure began when word came to Morelenas of the reappearance of Black Razor in the hands of the Dark Elf Inzilagor, who had discovered it in the UnderWorld near Zarach-Oras. Its power was traced by magical means to a small stronghold in southern Tanilon, and a band of adventurers was sent out to recover it. On their way, they were joined by a man calling himself "The Doctor", who had arrived in some sort of transport chamber along with a young man named Daniel. He told them that his people, the "Time Lords", had sent him to investigate this powerful artifact, which he claimed could be used to affect the passage of time.

Once in Tanilon, the party found that the Dark Elf was being harbored by a coven of witches led by a woman named Qualey. This coven had taken in a number of refugees fleeing Arin in the wake of the defeat of Keraptis and the fall of the Onyx Empire. Among the others present were a band of githzerai led by Supreme Leader Zayan es'Trehoth Cardanilus, and a group of gnomes who had been enslaved by Keraptis led by Svirtlargo, son of Svirdirgo, then the king of Alior. When the mission's leader, Lorg, spoke with the gathered leaders of the refugees, they agreed that they would no longer harbor Inzilagor.

Immediately, Inzilagor fled and began a combat against the gathered group outside the lair of the coven. He was joined by others among the refugees who distrusted the White Alliance. The witches themselves chose to remain neutral, with the exception of Shirella, who joined the side opposing the Dark Elf. Inzilagor used Black Razor to slay several party members, but in the end he was killed by Goalec 7, and Black Razor was recovered.

After the battle, the party needed to rest and heal, so they were allowed to stay with the coven. Guards were set on Black Razor until its fate could be decided. "The Doctor" left, but Daniel remained with the group, and another of the party, Delwinn, joined him instead. However, shortly after leaving, "The Doctor" reappeared, claiming that his device had been destroyed, and Delwinn was dead. He, too, was allowed to remain.

That night, four guards were posted around Black Razor, including Killarven and Seth. Another party member, Turamarth, stole into the chamber, and used an odd device to kill all the guards and steal Black Razor. Turamarth, it turned out, was actually another Time Lord known as The Master, sworn nemesis of The Doctor. With the sword gone, "The Doctor" left, but some of the refugees blamed the party for the deaths and turned on them. The party fought its way out, and while doing so, Donovan pulled out his wand of wonder for use. When he let loose with a charge, he instead discovered that it had been transformed into Black Razor itself.

At this point, the party left the coven with Black Razor with the intent to deliver it to the White Council, though some counseled that it should be brought to the Cabal instead as a neutral party. The group escorting the sword set out along the road, but not long after were ambushed by "The Doctor", who was in fact a powerful illusionist named Rarth Ilinix, who was once a servant of Keraptis himself. He and his minions slew most of the escorting party and made off with Black Razor, and he was never seen again.

This adventure was run by John Proulx. Characters involved at various points during this adventure included: