Journey of Enlightenment

From Ardrana

Upon her 25th birthday, each heir to the throne of Mentoncha undertakes a journey to, in some way, make her first major contribution to the Lastini people. This tradition, known as the Journey of Enlightenment, began with the Lastini people's arrival on the Lanad, when Queen Caldrana made her first journey outside of Pescara to work on expanding their knowledge of the new land. This led to the founding of the city of Mentoncha.

The Queen eventually realized that, in order to survive in this new land, the Lastini would have to slowly give up their antipathy to outsiders and reach out to other peoples. So, in 646 LC, she sent her daughter, Calestra, out to establish trade relations with Rogariel. Her rousing success has led each queen to ask something of her daughter in turn, and thus a tradition was born.

As a reminder of Journeys' past, each future queen wears the Vestment of Venturing as she is paraded through the streets of the city just prior to her own venture.