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Son of a human hunter/ranger and Elven healer, Keladryn is right at home in the forests of Ardrana. He picked up his mother's interest in healing and was strongly influenced by numerous hunting trips with his father. However, the mingling of human and elven blood has instilled a restlessness which has driven Keladryn to search out adventure. This desire to travel naturally led him to the priesthood of Sedric, the patron deity of travelers, which provides him the opportunity to pursue his main interests in life.

While generally good-natured and comfortable with adventuring, Keladryn tends to be quiet and unassuming. He will usually assist and protect adventuring parties with his clerical talents, though he won't go out of his way for anyone indifferent or belligerent towards him. He is more than willing to offer his knowledge of forests and its inhabitants, and doesn't shy away from a fight, though he can be quite cautious at times. Exposure to prejudice towards his mixed-race parentage during his youth, along with his cautious nature, make Keladryn hang back and assess the prevailing situation, thus giving him the appearance of someone who is secretive and shifty at times. In addition, Keladryn will sometimes act in a non-priestly manner.

A couple years ago, Keladryn was honored with an assignment to The Great Waystation, the preeminent temple of Sedric in all Ardrana. He later joined SpringRite and his companions for some months, most recently accompanying them to Jar-Kahn to rescue some of their companions. After surviving the wreck of the Daikigyou, he returned to Nazivonema to once more take up his duties at the Waystation.

Keladryn is a PC played by Robert Pires.