Murphy Pallianor

From Ardrana

Murphy Pallianor was a Human fighter from the town of Tindon. The brother of Lord Morley Pallianor, he was a key figure in the early days of the White Alliance. However, during his days fighting in the Wars of Arin, he and his brother had a falling out, and before the two could reconcile Murphy was killed.

Murphy was in his youth a great admirer of his brother's, and like Morley he wanted to become a soldier in the army of Kellan under King Tristan. However, when the wars began, his brother took on the mantle of statesman, while Murphy was named to lead the team that was to locate entrances to the Kellanic Catacombs. There, he met Zorg, with whom he quickly developed a friendly rivalry. Once, the two found themselves fighting a purple worm, and when Murphy dealt it a killing blow, Zorg couldn't believe he'd been outdone.

While recuperating from this adventure, Murphy married Jebusa, a kinswoman of Zorg's who was part of his retinue at the White Castle. He soon left on another mission, but he did not return from this one. His son and only child, Morton, was born early the following year. Posthumously, Murphy was granted the title of Earl of Tindon, a title now carried by his nephew, Marvin.