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Phichta is a Lastini paladin from the city of Pescara. She is the daughter of Tiburona, the Duquesa of Pescara, and her first husband, Celano. Sadly, her father mysteriously drowned several years ago. Soon thereafter, her mother remarried, with her new husband being Commaranto, brother of Queen Chatha of Mentoncha.

Phichta has been one of Princess Conchita's best friends for many years, even before becoming her step-cousin. Along with Lindreth Andárica, she served as the princess' adviser on her Journey of Enlightenment. Along with Yori, it was also her duty to defend the heir to the throne, and she did this with great skill.

As a paladin of Bassik, she spends much of her time on or near the waters of Fluraje Cove off the coast of Mentoncha. In this role, she took the lead in defending Pescara from an attack by sahuagin a couple years ago, and for her role in that affair she was knighted by the Queen, thus earning the title of Dama Phichta.

Phichta is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.