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Rodney is a Human ranger from Seldann Wood. He currently lives in Eskalikor, a small forest in east-central Arin, with his cat, Irie. He is working closely with Tara Goldmoon, a druid who was recently assigned to oversee the recovery of the forest.


Rodney does not speak much of his early life, although he will acknowledge being born somewhere in central Rannas i'Drasoin before the rise to power of The Colonel. Some years ago, he came to the northern Lanad, where he settled down in the Seldann.

Recent years

During the next decade or so, Rodney often worked in tandem with WoodLock, the druid of the wood. He lived by himself in the southern part of Seldann, where he was close friends with many of those who dwelt there and in nearby Semmarch. He often accompanied Beatrice on her various adventures on an unofficial basis. However, following the takeover of Hanaellan by the forces of Duke Mirdael, he found the area no longer to his liking, especially as many of his former friends began to leave the area. He wandered his way north and east into Arin, eventually finding Eskalikor.


Rodney's greatest love is gardening, and he can often be found tending his rows of ganja, which he is most happy to share with guests. As she did in the Seldann, Irie spends most of her time out in the wood hunting. He has been known to stop to chat with travelers, quite unlike most rangers, who tend to keep to themselves.

Rodney is a PC played by John Proulx, who has also been used as an NPC.