Death's Domain

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This adventure involved the band of adventurers led by Shale making their move against a cult dedicated to Hades that had been plaguing both the group -- including killing their friend Illiger and nearly killing other members of the party -- and the city of Agropthos during its Day of Change festival. Several members of the group began the morning of the third day of the festival intending to gather information from the cult's lair, north of the city in the Cardillic Desert.

While Gilbert Sullivan stayed behind to occupy the party's performance space on the festival grounds, Maialen took on the job of distributing promotional material for the Carrolwood Entertainment District so that Dudex, a Halfling diviner of the party's acquaintance, could accompany the scouting team and cast a scry spell. To that end, the party went to the Eastern Palms Inn to meet with Dudex's superior, Lord Gairevander, with whom the party had worked previously. Gaire provided money for the deposit with which the group procured two flying carpets, one to be driven by Rin and the other by a hired hand named Lufo, and departed the city. They were accompanied by Rusus, who rode her bonded giant footpad lizard.

The party set up behind a sand dune about a mile and a half away from the ruins, erecting a tent so that Dudex could cast the spell. Although he was able to see inside the buildings, everything was dark except for a few faintly glowing objects, and heard only some running water and the sound of a door closing. Makoto went out to sniff around the area, but she too found little other than a small burrow in the sand.

As the party discussed their next move, Lufo shouted an alarm as a group of bandits came over the dune. As he left on one of the carpets, the party briefly bantered with the thieves, ending with the two sides exchanging missile fire. While most of the bandits charged into melee, one made a beeline for the other carpet. They carried it back behind the dune, but were unable to get it off the ground before Rin wrested it from them with the aid of a grease spell from Bardo. The party decided to retreat back to the city, where Emi and Shale escorted Dudex back to the Eastern Palms while Bardo returned to the School of the Sea to attempt to acquire another scroll from Allagaeira, her mentor. Meanwhile, the others settled in at the Dune Trail...

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This adventure is being run by Shelley Proulx. Below is a list of characters who have been involved at one point or another:

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