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Tarsha is the eldest child of Beauregard and Tamra, elder sister of Talandra and Trina.

Early life

Following her father's departure to free the city of Tommard from the clutches of the band of orcs that held it, her home was attacked by marauding wolves, her mother and sisters slain. Tarsha herself survived only by her fleetness afoot, reaching a nearby hillside, where she found the protection of a druid's grove. After the discovery of the remains of her family, she was raised by the druid, whose name was WindLeaf, for several years, and learned from him the ways of the druid. However, she never got over the resentment she felt for her father, who she felt had abandoned her.

Confronting her father

Upon reaching adulthood, she went to live in the city of Rabk, where she learned the ways of arcane magic as well as the divine magic she'd learned from WindLeaf. It was the intertwining of these powers that brought her to believe she could finally find her father and confront him. When she arrived in Tommard, however, Baron Beauregard disavowed her, saying that his whole family was dead, and that she was an impostor. In her grief at this rejection, she vowed to see him pay.

The rebellion

She stayed in Tommard, where she encountered a number of people who chafed under Beauregard's rule. Some of their parents and grandparents had known the Tommard family, and knew them to be good and kind rulers, and felt left out of the new way of things. This, she thought, would be her destiny: to gather these people and rise up against her father. Thus, she organized what has come to be called the Tommardian Rebellion. After a perhaps ill-advised attempt to sway the people to their cause, the rebellion now works mostly in subtle ways to undermine the rulership of the Baron, including the waylaying or sabotage of caravans from other parts of the NorthLands. Lady Tarsha, as she now is known, is a most charismatic leader, and her followers quite devoted.