Tommardian Rebellion

From Ardrana

The Tommardian Rebellion is mostly a creation of the woman called Lady Tarsha, daughter of baron Beauregard of Tommard. It is mostly a group of disgruntled residents of the city and the surrounding countryside who are, for various reasons, unhappy with Beau's leadership. Mostly, there exists among the rebels a certain disenchantment with the idea of a foreigner and his friends ruling them.

Thus far, the activites of the rebels has been limited to some demonstrations in the streets and the occasional attempt to turn aside a caravan coming to the city. Their most successful ploy to date was the planting of one of their members in a caravan led by Glar. That member used a Stone of Ormas to draw monsters to the caravan in an attempt to turn it aside. It did prevent the caravan from getting through for several weeks, but the rebel was eventually found out through the work of NightShade, Mace Nighthammer, and Shem Al Adeen. Other plans are likely afoot.