Tarsha's Trap

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This adventure began with the receipt of a message by Baron Beauregard that the wizard Camlek had returned to his old stronghold in the Onyl Mountains and was gathering a force to resume his world domination scheme. Beau gathered his friends and a good chunk of his army and led them to Mt. Calivan. When they reached the mountain and went into the hollow within, there was an avalanche, trapping everyone inside.

It was then that Lady Tarsha revealed herself. She claimed to be the long-lost daughter of the baron, who would now at last have her revenge for being abandoned many years ago. While the army was traveling to Mt. Calivan, Tarsha had arranged with a band of ogres to attack Tommard, doing enough damage so that Tarsha and her followers could ride to the rescue. Unfortunately for Tarsha, Beau and his companions were ingenious enough to escape the trap and arrive in Tommard before Tarsha's forces, allowing them to drive the ogres off.

Cast of characters

The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another:

...along with others I'm forgetting, including a boatload of NPC's.

Adventure timeline

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Liberating Tommard Tarsha's Trap Re-liberating Tommard