The Isle of Dread

From Ardrana

Following their successful joint effort in clearing out the Caves of Chaos, Mello Yellow and his companions were again asked to aid Kent Mydland. The group had discovered within the caves a portal, located within a temple dedicated to Kuraliskar, through which had come a number of undead creatures, especially zombies. A scouting party discovered that the portal led to Sted'Zer Island, and Kent ordered the group to travel to the nearby city of Siilcar.

The group departed down the Lessic River on a ship captained by Gavin. After crossing the Living Ocean with only minor incidents, the group arrived in Siilcar. They began by recruiting several new members from the various taverns in the area, including an assassin named Slash, a local priest named Rad and a fighter named Groth. Thus fortified, they traveled to the island, where they took on and defeated the Zombie Master.

Cast of characters

The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another:

Note: This adventure is partially based on the module The Isle of Dread for the Dungeons & Dragons game by TSR, which was incorporated into Ardrana.

Adventure timeline

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