From Ardrana

Gavin is a Human fighter and ship's captain originally from Rogariel. He spent most of his youth on ships with his father, sailing the waters of Shark's Fin Bay before eventually making Gascar his home port. About ten years ago, he purchased a small vessel, which he used to carry goods between Gascar and the city of Mentoncha, becoming one of the first to open up trade with the Lastini.

A few years ago, Gavin was entrusted with heading the seagoing portion of the Journey of Enlightenment of Princess Conchita os'Sarani of Mentoncha, as well as using his fighting skills to aid in protecting her. He performed these tasks admirably, and for his trouble he was rewarded with ownership of a Lastini-built caravel, the Faltremar. He hopes someday to have an entire fleet.

After plying his trade all around Shark's Fin Bay, Gavin recently returned to Mentoncha, and now uses his ship to carry goods back and forth to Gascar. Recently, he met up with an old friend, Niccolo de'Medici, with whom he had sailed on occasion in the past. Seeing that Niccolo had become part of an adventuring group, Gavin agreed to give them transport aboard the Faltremar. However, that ended badly, and lately he has limited his trade to the area between Gascar and Mentemar.