Tristan II

From Ardrana

Tristan II was the son of Tristan I, the last monarch of the House of Wesber to rule the nation of Kellan. He was the man who ended that dynasty by turning over rulership of the land to the White Council.

As a young man, he was fascinated by the tales told to him by his great-uncle Donelan of his grandfather Tristan. His namesake, he was told, had been a mighty adventurer, who had been slain in his prime by a force of evil, a devil named Asmorgal. He even went so far as to join the service of Morelen as a holy warrier, just as his ancestor had.

Young Tristan swore to avenge his grandfather, and as he got older he became obsessed with finding Asmorgal. He sought the counsel of his close friend Anthony, a powerful priest of Morelen, who advised him that such a quest would likely mean his death. Despite this admonition, Tristan traveled across Ardrana, seeking information. Often, Anthony would accompany him.

On one such occasion, Tristan received word that Asmorgal had taken up residence in the eastern Onyl Mountains. He returned to Morelenas to find his father on the brink of death. Again, he sought Anthony, who warned him against pursuing this further, and a great argument ensued. Tristan promised only to stay until his father's death, and stormed out. He did, however, make time to speak with Morley Pallianor, who had become his father's chief advisor, telling him his intentions. After convincing himself that Lord Morley would be a wise ruler, Tristan determined to turn the kingdom over to him.

Tristan then gathered a band of adventurers together, and one last time went to his friend Anthony to ask that he accompany him. The priest refused, saying they weren't yet strong enough to face Asmorgal. Tristan walked out of the temple and left the city. Neither he nor any member of his party were ever seen again.