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Anthony is a Human priest of Morelen, originally from the town of Alvinia. He currently serves as the High Priest of Morelen at Inspiration's Height, the most sacred temple of the Leader of Leaders in all Ardrana located in the city of Morelenas. He is the brother of Lukus the Blue, current head of the White Council.

Although Anthony followed in the footsteps of his father, Eustace, in becoming a priest of Morelen, he parted from his father's path in becoming an adventurer. During his journeys, he became great friends with Tristan, who was then the great-nephew of the king of Kellan, Reillan II. When Tristan learned that his grandfather, also named Tristan, was killed by a devil named Asmorgal, Anthony aided him in several quests in an attempt to avenge his grandsire's death, but they all went for naught. When the day came that Tristan was to be crowned king, he forsook the throne and tried to convince Anthony to come with him on one last quest. Anthony declined, and attempted to persuade Tristan to give up the quest. He was unsuccessful, and Tristan never returned.

Anthony gave up adventuring then and there, and dedicated his life to ministering to the lords of the White Council. About ten years ago, Anthony became the Advisor of Leaders and Leader of Advisors, a position he has held ever since. Though now in his eighties, Anthony is still in good health and of sound mind, no less so than Lukus, his elder by a year.